How a Natural Supplement Saved My Puppys life

Reversing the effect of poisonous grapes.

As my daughter told me our little dog had swallowed grapes in an unattended moment i was terrified of what would come next.

She sat down on the stairs as she felt her feet disappear under her in realization of what forgetting to secure the grapes in her room would mean.

We knew grapes could be poisonous for many dogs, but we did not know what to expect now.

The next time we went for a walk with our two dogs our little Puppy Tessie could no longer pee as the dogs always do when going out for a walk. I was worried but thought it would hopefully be resolved within hours.

What i did not realize was that her kidneys had totally shut down in response to the poisonous effect of the grapes she had nibbled from my daughters night table.


I had a really bad conscience for not being more attentive about not bringing grapes in the house having two dogs for which it could mean a painful death.

One comforting thought was that she was given Astaxanthin, a strong antioxidant derived from algee daily. Antioxidants can neutralize poison and this variant is a particularly strong type.

My dogs were given this antioxidant daily to help keep them healthy and to hopefully give them a longer life.

Thinking about the Astaxanthin i was grateful we had chosen to give it to my dogs. If Tessies little kidneys had shut down if we were lucky the antioxidants could help detoxify her?

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

I read studies about them saving diabetics kidneys from damage before.

Going on day two we were really worried that she would die and disappear from our lives.

Still there was not a sign of pee even though she kept trying while going for a walk. I realized her body was now filling up with waste from not having functioning kidneys.

The previous day we had been to the vet with both my dogs and they were both given a medicine to make them throw up any grapes they may still have in their stomachs.

There was nothing more that could be done.

As the evening approached on day three i realized we may not see her wake up in the morning. It was a horrible feeling.

Looking into her little eyes i felt ashamed and full of sorrow.

Please let the antioxidants ease the strain on her kidneys……

We went for a short walk onto the walkway outside and she made another attempt to pee….

YES! There came a few drops. As we kept walking she peed some more!

She survived!!! Thank God for the antioxidants. I knew they had saved her life.

It was a close call and never again would grapes enter my house.

Tessie our puppy spent the evening having tasty treats and being pampered…some days are more beautiful than others….

Working with computers and following health for life.

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