50 people are killed yearly in Japan

Rarely seen as an immediate threat, the Asian Hornet or “Murder Hornet” may be getting a foothold outside Asia lately.

The sight of a murder hornet really puts things in perspective. In the west we are used to the small and rather peaceful common hornet. The Asian variant is the size of a matchbox.

The murder hornet could kill you with just one sting if you are unlucky, and judging by stories told by its victims, being stung by one is an extremely unpleasant experience.

Another threat they pose is to our honeybees…

Reversing the effect of poisonous grapes.

As my daughter told me our little dog had swallowed grapes in an unattended moment i was terrified of what would come next.

She sat down on the stairs as she felt her feet disappear under her in realization of what forgetting to secure the grapes in her room would mean.

We knew grapes could be poisonous for many dogs, but we did not know what to expect now.

The next time we went for a walk with our two dogs our little Puppy Tessie could no longer pee as the dogs always do…

Its Codeless, Its Serverless and It Scales Automatically

Did you ever realize how REST APIs cant really be relied on to retain all your data?

Inherent in API calls lies the risk of the underlying application or logic failing to persist your data, happily discarding it with a “Bad Payload” or even an “OK” reply.

Unless you already have a reliable mechanism for retaining the data in those failed calls you may never see it again. Are you losing those important customer orders?

A common approach is to introduce a service bus to retain the messages, but that also means they become largely inaccessible unless you use special…

Anders Ronnlid

Working with computers and following health for life.

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